Access to all the Results and Photos of Week 5 2004 at Forest Hills, Kinlochard, Scotland

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The League: This was the first act in a Meehan mugging as Paul skipped his rink to the trophy. Ian Robertson led his rink to the runner-up spot. Mike McCreadie, fresh from his triumph in the World Wheelchair Curling Championships in Sursee, Switzerland - he played third in the Scottish rink that won eight games out of eight to become world champions - collected the wooden spoon. Such is curling.

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The Bonspiel: The second act - Mark Meehan skipped the winning rink. Margaret Dyer's rink came second, and Ian Dyer's rink won the wooden spoons.

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The Pairs: the third act - Mark drew the shot to beat Paul into second place. This year the pairs was played in two leagues of four, with Paul emerging as the winner of one section and Mark the other. Since Paul was in the league final there was no time for a pairs final, so the two skips drew the shot.
If there are eight pairs again next year perhaps it could be played on a Schenkel basis, with the winners, runners-up, and wooden spoons being determined by the positions after three rounds. This ensures that everyone who enters gets three games.

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Rose Sheddon ran the mini-curling, won by Chlöe Edwards.

Peter McClure won the sweetie quiz, with a little help from his friends.

Sue McClure, Sonja Ian and Margaret Dyer, and Lou Costello won the quiz

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Paul has a new camera - the best (or worst) of his photos are here to delight (?) you. If you think he has caught you in a particularly unflattering pose, I can remove the image - for a fee!

This year there was a special trophy for the sexiest curler (with no dress sense). It was awarded to guess who?

Please let me know if you spot any mistakes, such as the misspelling of your name.

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