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About Week 5 at Forest Hills, Kinlochard, Scotland and its Web Site

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About the Web Site

Around Loch Ard


About Week 5

Week 5 is not a club.  It has no constitution, no annual general meeting, no officers, no membership fee.  Whatever it is, if you are in residence at Forest Hills, Kinlochard, Scotland during week 5 (week 1 is the first week in January, Saturday to Saturday,  not including Hogmanay - New Year's Eve - count from there) you are part of it.  The focus of Week 5 is curling.  Created and nurtured by the enthusiasm and dedication of Gordon and Isla Gilchrist, it boasts four curling competitions: a league of (usually) eight rinks, played in two sections with semifinals and a final; a pairs competition, played as a knock-out; a bonspiel; and points.

Complete beginners are encouraged to take part in all the competitions.  There are many proficient curlers who began their curling with week 5.  This includes not a few who live far from a curling rink, and whose curling is limited to one or two weeks each year.  Their prowess puts many regular club curlers to shame.

The range of activities promoted by Week 5 is not limited to curling.  Other competitions include fancy dress (for the children though any adults brave enough to compete would not be excluded), snooker, and mini-curling (also for the children).  There are quizes, a treasure hunt, a raffle (for funds to buy prizes and subsidise the activities), and, on the last night, a dinner and ceilidh.  Prizes for the main competitions are presented just before the dinner.

Week 5 is, above all, convivial, and its logo symbolises this.  The second letter e is reversed, so that the pair of them resemble two gossiping heads, and the curler clutches a glass instead of a brush.


About the Week 5 Web Site

A note by David McClure

I created this site in February 2003.  Characteristically for Week 5, it is unofficial and unauthorised.  I just did it.  Obviously it may not be the only Week 5 site, now or in the future, but I hope that it will be of interest.

Contributions and suggestions will be welcomed.  Note however that a Web site is intangible.  It cannot be shoved in any place, intimate or otherwise.

Contact me.  Your photos and text will be added to the site, provided they are legal, decent (within reason) and not contributed anonymously.  You can send them as email attachments.  I will reduce the file sizes of your photos to around 20-30 KB.  Alternatively you can send hard copy - email your address and phone number and I will contact you.

There is a News Page for messages, announcements, and discussion.  Send me your contributions.


Around and about Loch Ard

coos    snow    sunset

Click on a clip to see a photo

Hielan' coo and Loch Ard

Dougal, this coo is further away; the loch is still Ard

snowy trees on the slopes behind Forest Hills

lodge under snow

pines at sunset

the pond was half frozen
there were sunsets too

evening sky from Ben Lomond 8


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