A special match in commemoration of a similar match which took place on Thursday 19th January 1815

Oldest v Youngest

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Wednesday 21st January 2004 at 7.15 p.m.

The result and photos of the rinks come first on this page. Follow these links for more details:

The rinks and order of play

Lists of eligible substitutes

The history - Air Advertiser report of the original match

The Result

In both games the 'youngest' (if you want to know why this is in quotes, just look at the photos) took an early lead, and with a couple of ends to go it seemed that they were going to have a comfortable win. But the oldest rinks rallied, and finished one shot up in one game and one down in the other, so that the match was a peel. Which was nice.

By common consent there will be another 'Oldest v Youngest' at the same time next season.

Oldest 10
Youngest 10

Adam Prentice 4

Jim McFadzean 5

John McClymont 6

Willie Drummond 5


Charlie Armour second, Adam Roxburgh lead, Adam Prentice skip, Willie Morton, third


Colin Craig third, Jim McFadzean skip, Paul Meehan lead (Duncan Todd third)

(out of respect for the camera, Duncan arrived too late to be in the photo)


Calvin Cole third, Andrew Allan lead, John McClymont skip, David West lead


Murray Hutchison second, Niall Mackie lead, Willie Drummond, skip, Alex Fergusson third


Oldest rinks

1: Adam Prentice, Willie Morton, Charlie Armour, Adam Roxburgh
2: John McClymont, Calvin Cole, David West, Andrew Allan

Youngest rinks

1: Jim McFadzean, Colin Craig (sub for Stuart Bates), Duncan Todd, Paul Meehan
2: Willie Drummond, Alex Fergusson, Murray Hutchison (sub for Lachlan Quarm), Niall Mackie

Order of play

The match will be decided by the total of shots for each side. There will be two straight games:
Adam Prentice v Jim McFadzean; John McClymont v Willie Drummond.
Skips may change the positions of curlers in their rinks before play begins.

Substitutes may curl in any position.


If unable to play, please arrange a substitute from the appropriate list in good time. Substitutes are lsited in order of eligibility.


Bill Boyd


Murray Hutchison

Ken Michie


Robert Struthers

Robbie McFadzean


Colin Craig

Ian Wilkie


Chris Clow

Archie Stevenson


Jim Wyllie

David Reader


George Hunter

If not playing, why not come along and support the curlers?
And bring your curling gear just in case!

The history Thursday 19th January 1815

On Thursday, a Curling match took place at Tarbolton, between a party of eight old men, above sixty years of age, and an equal number of young men, below twenty one. The aggregate ages of the former amounting to 515 years, and that of the latter to only 154. The contest was manfully kept up, and stood like the well poised vibrating balance, in doubtful suspence [sic], till the sun had sunk beyond the western waves. About twenty minutes had elapsed since the village clock struck four, the moon had hid her face behind the impending storm, the locks of the veterans already whitened by the winter of years, were fledged by the descending snow, when one of their party sounded a retreat, and the veterans retired from the frozen plain with a partial victory of 28 shots to 24. The beardless band, indulging the hope of final victory, eager for the decisive shot, willing to brave the darkness and the storm, were thus compelled to retire.

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