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News and Highlights

Interclub against Gangrels for the Wilkie Trophy

Tarbolton lost by 16 shots to 8. Jim Wilson's rink of Gordon Johnstone Allan Ferguson and Andy Dickie lost to Peter Kennedy's rink 7 4 and Lou Costello's rink of Andy Eccles, Chris Clow and Joe Hayes lost to Ernest Mutter's rink 9 4.

The winning Gangrels rink: Peter Galloway. Ernest Mutter skip, and Jim Lyburn (Peter Cattanach absent):

Paterson Horn

Tarbolton lost the Paterson Horn to Land o’ Burns by 4 points to 2
Robert Struthers rink of Andy Eccles, Allan Ferguson and Robin Wilson beat Robert Boyd’s rink 14 shots to 4.
Stuart Bates rink of Chris Clow, Joe Hayes and Jim Jack lost to Duncan McCallum 7 shots to 5 losing on the last stone of the game.

Niall Mackie's rink of George Hunter Penny Richardson and Campbell Mcdonald lost to John Evans 13 shots to 3.

The trophy was presented to John Evan's winning rink by Jim Jack:

Jim Smith Pairs

First round:

Shona Brown and Andy Dickie beat Stuart Bates and Frances Fyfe.

George Hunter and Joe Hayes beat David Reader and Ian Wilkie.

Allan Ferguson and Jacob Whittle beat Gordon Johnstone and Campbell McDonald.

Niall Mackie and Hugh Callendar beat Duncan McNaught and Andy Dickie.

Second round:

Shona Brown and Andy Dickie beat Allan Ferguson and Jacob Whittle by pealing and then drawing the shot.

David Reader and Ian Wilkie beat Niall Mackie and Hugh Callender.


Shona Brown and Andy Dickie beat David Reader and Ian Wilkie.

Day League B

We finished second again with 10 points. The winners were Gangrels 2 with 13.

Interclub v Land of Burns

The match was peeled in the 3nd inter club game against LOB 11 shots each. George Hunter and Robert Struthers skipped the Tarbolton rinks

Parish Trophy

Tarbolton beat The Gangrels in the 1 st round but lost to Fairywell in the semi-final. Fairywell lost to Dundonald in the final.

The Tarbolton rink: Skip George Hunter, Allan Ferguson, Shona Brown, Chris Clow.

Day League B

We are currently third in the table with 6 points: won 3 and lost 2.

John Dodd Rosebowl

Each rink played 6 ends playing 3 different rinks each for 2 ends. The winner being the most shots for, less shots against



Shots +/-


Robert Struthers



Shona Brown



Jim McFadzean



Niall Mackie



Allan Ferguson



Lou Costello








Lou Costello

Stuart Bates

Campbell Kay

Jan Eccles

Shona Brown

Frances Fyfe

Robin Wilson

Hugh Callander

Jim McFadzean

Andy Eccles

Mike Reekie

Anne Wilson

Robert Struthers

Andy Dickie

Jim Jack

Cathy Costello

Allan Ferguson

Chris Clow

Campbell McDonald

Anne Dickie

Niall Mackie

Penny Richardson

Allison Bell


Day League B

Lost one, won one. Results ..

Eglinton Jug

The Tarbolton rink lost to Galston 1. The Jug was won by Stewarton Heather.


The 2017-18 season is now in the Archive.

Competition Pages online

The Medal Victoria Teapot and Coulson pages for 2018-2019 are now online.

Presentation to the Mortons at the AGM

Willie and Margaret Morton with presents from Tarbolton Curlers celebrating their 60 years of curling.

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