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News and Highlights


For the photos follow the links: Medal, Coulson, Pairs, Rosebowl, Teapot, Morton, McFadzean.

A special presentation to Robert

Jennifer Clow presents Robert Struthers with a memento of his fall on the ice during the first attempt at the Morton Salver at the Galleon, resulting in a dislocated shoulder and torn muscles. Roberts is making a good recovery and the Morton Salver was re-run at Greenacres.

Dunlop Memorial Salver

Tarbolton skip Carlos van Heddegem, skipped the winning rink in the DMS for the second year in a row. He was unbeaten throughout the competition. His rink was Elizabeth Shaw 3rd, Mary Shaw 2nd, Colin Naismith lead.

Carlos also skipped the winning rink last season. He has the distinction of being the last winning skip at Ayr Ice Rink and the first under the new dispensation.

Morton Salver

The Morton salver was played at Greenacres. Margaret Morton presents George Hunter with the Morton Salver . From left to right Colin Baillie, George Hunter, Margaret Morton, Norma Lambie and David McDonald.

from the annual prizegiving:

Jennifer Clow presents George Hunter skip and Colin Baillie. (Norma Lambie, David McDonald not present) with the Morton Salver


Skip, Shots +/-, Ends
George Hunter, +5, 5
Lou Costello, +3, 4
Jim Wilson, -3, 3
Carlos van Heddegem, -5, 2


Skip, Third, Second, Lead
George Hunter, Colin Baillie, Norma Lambie, David McDonald
Lou Costello, Derek Murchie, Jean Pearce, Louise McDonald
Jim Wilson, Chris Clow, Janey Muirhead, David Reader
Carlos van Heddegem, Stuart Bates, Gregor MacQuarrie, Gordon Shields

McFadzean Cup

Jennifer Clow presents Jean Pearce, Colin Baillie, Derek Murchie and George Hunter skip with the McFadzean Cup. Smiles all round.

Skip, Shots +/-, Ends
George Hunter, +7, 5
Niall Mackie, +2, 4
Carlos van Heddegem, -2, 3
Jim Wilson, -7, 2

Skip, Third, Second, Lead
George Hunter, Derek Murchie, Colin Baillie, Jean Pearce
Niall Mackie, Stuart Bates, Frances Fyfe, Chris Clow
Carlos van Heddegem, Jacob Whittle, Jim Jack, Norma Lambie
Jim Wilson, Penny Richardson, Robin Wilson, Ishbel McDougal

Jim Smith Pairs

Pair, Shots, +/-, Ends
Carlos van Heddegem and Chris Clow, +4, 4
Niall Mackie and Jean Pearce, +3, 3
George Hunter and Janey Muirhead, -3, 1
Stuart Bates and Colin Naismith, -4, 0

From the prizegiving: below Jennifer Clow presents The pairs winners Carlos van Heddegem and Chris Clow with the Jim Smith Pairs Cup.

below Jennifer Clow, right, presents Jean Pearce. (Niall Mackie not present) with the Big Cooper Medal. Runnersup in the Jim Smith Pairs.

Tarbolton v Land o' Burns

Tarbolton beat Land o’ Burns, Robert Struther's rink of Niall Mackie, Penny Richardson and Jean Pearce beating David Balmer’s rink by 7 shots to 4.

Tarbolton v Gangrels

Tarbolton lost to the Gangrels, Jimmy Begg's rink beating Allan Ferguson's rink of Robin Wilson, Ishbel McDougal and Jean Pearse by 9 shots to 3 and Fraser Hogg's rink beating George Hunter's rink of Niall Mackie, Penny Richardson and Gregor MacQuarrie by 6 shots to 4.

Joe Hayes

We remember with a smile Joe Hayes, who died just before New Year.

Jim Jack. Jim McFadzean and Joe Hayes at the annual prizegicing in Season 2019-2020.

Dodd Teapot

Jennifer Clow presents Derek Murchie. (Niall Mackie, Ishbel McDougal, Joe Hayes not present) with the Dodd Teapot.

The Dodd Teapot was won by Derek Murchie, with Niall Mackie, Ishbel McDougal and Joe Hayes.


Skip, Shots +/-, Ends
Derek Murchie, +4, 5
Jacob Whittle, 0, 4
Lou Costello, 0 ,3
Chris Clow, -4 ,2


Skip, Third, Second, Lead
Lou Costello, Penny Richardson, Robin Wilson, Duncan McNaught
Jacob Whittle, Stuart Bates, Jim Jack, Janey Muirhead
Chris Clow, George Hunte,r Jean Pearce, Colin Baillie
Derek Murchie, Niall Mackie, Ishbel McDougal, Joe Hayes

Coulson League

The Coulson was won by George Hunter, with Derek Murchie, Robin Wilson and John Logan.

Tarbolton at the North West Castle

Tarbolton had a great day's curling at Stranraer.

14 players played had a game in the morning, lunch and a game in the afternoon.

Travelling support Margaret Morton and Cathy Costello

We made it into an interclub game against Darvel

Rinks as follows

Tarbolton 1 George Hunter, Debbie Naismith, Jim Jack.

Tarbolton 2 Carlos van Heddegem, Chris Clow, Barbara Wason, Jean Pearce.

Darvel 1 Jacob Whittle, Lou Costello, Rhianna Moore.

Darvel 2 Derek Murchie, Steve Gillies, Colin Baillie, Ishbel McDougal.


George 4 shots and 4 ends Jacob 8 shots 4 ends

Carlos 4 shots 4 ends Derek 13 shots 4 ends

George 5 shots 3 ends Derek 5 shots 5 ends

Carlos 3 shots 3 ends Jacob 10 shots 5 ends


First results for the Medal and Coulson leagues.

John Dodd Rosebowl

Jennifer Clow presents George Hunter skip, Lou Costello and Colin Baillie. (Ishbel McDougal not present) with the John Dodd Rose Bowl.


Shots +/-


George Hunter



Jacob Whittle



Carlos van Heddegem



Niall Mackie







George Hunter

Lou Costello

Colin Baillie

Ishbel McDougal

Jacob Whittle

Rhianna Moore

Jim Jack

Penny Richardson

Carlos van Heddegem

Stuart Bates

Gregor MacQuarrie

Janey Muirhead

Niall Mackie

Chris Clow

Frances Fyfe

John Logan

McFadzean Cup

27th Feb 5.15pm

George Hunter, Derek Murchie, Colin Baillie, Jean Pearce.

Jim McFadzean, Penny Richardson, Robin Wilson, Ishbel McDougal.

Carlos van H, Jacob Whittle, Jim Jack, John Logan.

Niall Mackie, Stuart Bates, Frances Fyfe, Joe Hayes.

Morton Salver

23rd Jan 5.15pm

George Hunter, Robin Wilson, Jean Pearce, Chris Clow

Carlos van H, Derek Murchie, Jim Jack, Stuart Bates

Niall Mackie, Colin Baillie, Ishbel McDougal, Jacob Whittle.

Jim McFadzean, Frances Fyfe, Joe Hayes, Lou Costello.

John Dodd Rosebowl

24th Oct 5.15pm

George Hunter, Lou Costello, Collin Baillie, Ishbel McDougal.

Niall Mackie, Chris Clow, Frances Fyfe. John Logan.

Carlos van H, Stuart Bates, Derek Murchie, Janey Muirhead.

Jim McFadzean, Jacob Whittle, Jim Jack, Penny Richardson.


28th Nov 5.15pm

Chris Clow, George Hunter, Jean Pearce, Colin Baillie

Derek Murchie, Niall Mackie Ishbel McDougal, Joe Hayes.

Jacob Whittle, Stuart Bates, Frances Fyfe, John Logan.

Lou Costello, Jim McFadzean, Penny Richardson, Robin Wilson.

Medal and Coulson leagues

The schedules for Medal and Coulson games are now online.

New season

Following the closure of Ayr Ice Rink, all games are being played at the Galleon in Kilmarnock.

Season 2022-23

The 2022-23 season has been archived. All news, results and photos will be found here.

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