Bellingham Weekend: Sunday

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Sunday was bright and dry. We rode out by the Redesdale road, which has a short but steep incline lying in wait. Then by sundry narrow roads over the moors, probably near Birtley, before crossing Dere Street (known to the Romans as the ALXVIII) and continuing to Throcklington and Capheaton.

Bill volunteered for gate duty

After a lunch at Capheaton in a room full of worryingly seasoned cyclists, we followed the B6342 east and north past Cambo, leaving it on another minor moorland road NW to Elsdon, from which we hurried on to Otterburn. Gerry had opted out of the morning ride in favour of a visit to a Roman fort, and we were to meet him at the Otterley Festival.

When we arrived at Otterburn Mill, Drew thought he spied Gerry keeping warm by an old boiler.

The Northumberland terrain (calling at all stations to Newcastle) took its toll on our bikes.

We ended the day on a high - that was the climb from Otterburn over Hareshaw Head to Bellingham.

Until now my experience of Northumberland has been limited to the A69 and The Likely Lads. These two days have put most of the hills in Galloway into perspective (they're not as steep, not as long, and don't have tea rooms).



On the way to Capheaton and an early lunch

The audition for the chorus line in the Gaiety panto ... or, leaving Capheaton, Margaret for home, the rest for Otterburn and the Otterburn Festival

above: the tea room at Capheaton

right: the gibbet by the road to Elsdon; if this had come after Pat and Drew took us up the seemingly never-ending 14 percent gradient yesterday, there's no knowing what might have happened.

below: you would be insulted if I told you this is the post office and shop at Cambo.

above: the bridge over the River Wansbeck on the B6342.

right: If you're looking for the gangsters of ska, they're over there.

below: I've lived a sheltered life - I haven't a clue what this is about.

Bellingham Weekend: Sunday

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