Tilting at Windmills

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This was the round-trip to Windy Standard from Dalmellington on Sunday 11th July 2004; 39 fairly hilly miles in weather that in the days of exposure calculators would have been classified as 'cloudy bright'.

Since it is my website, you would think I could have used a more flattering photo. I tried, believe me.

The Route

Windy Standard (698m, or 2287ft in old money) is at NS620014. Access is by the minor road off the A713 at NX517997, by Lamford, round Dodd Hill, and into Carsphairn Forest to a bridge over the Water of Deugh, from which a forest road continues up the right bank to Moor; round Craignane Cairn on the east and keep left until the track constructed for the wind farm is found (about NS609038) going south up Gallow Rig and Jedburgh Knees. Return to this point and continue SW to recross the Deugh. The track swings N to a junction at NS616040. Go E here, S at the next junction and then shortly N on a track (not marked on Landranger 77) which leads to a steep descent at the side of the Afton Reservoir dam. Continue down the Afton Glen to the B741 at New Cumnock, which leads W back to Dalmellington.

On the day two hardy souls made the trip from Ayr and one from Troon.

Afton Reservoir - the alternative way down



On the horizon, the 'Awful Hand': The Merrick, Kirriereoch, Tarfessock and the slopes of Shalloch on Minnoch

Below, four of the awful band?

Windy Standard - The Movie

Windy Standard - The Movie (155KB)

View from Windy Standard towards New Cumnock.

Exit Don Quixote, pursued by windmills

Over a gate near Afton Reservoir

On the fountain below the dam

Samuel Johnson said of the Giant's Causeway that it was worth seeing but not worth going to see, a formula later adopted by Michelin Guides. If you were standing with your back to this fountain, it wouldn't be worth turning round to see, if it wasn't for this inscription. Sweet Afton is a P J Carroll brand of cigarettes preferred by Robert Burns.

Tilting at Windmills

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